WHAT is The Book Benefit?

benefit | ben·e·fit |ˈbenəfit | 


(1) an act to raise resources and awareness for a person or cause

(2) something that produces good or helpful results or effects or that promotes well-being 


WHAT is the Book Benefit?

Fiction: all children have access to books at their local public library.

Nonfiction: the children who need books the most are not spending time in their local libraries. They’re spending time in underfunded schools and community centers, homeless shelters, low-income housing, courthouses, and juvenile detention centers.

The Book Benefit collects used books and strategically donates them to facilities that serve underprivileged children. 


WHO started the Book Benefit?


As a child, Kyle Mackey spent a lot of time in the bookstore. He loved to read, and was fortunate to have parents who provided him the opportunity to do so. Whenever Kyle asked his mother to purchase him a new book, her response was always the same – “I’ll never say no to a book.”

Kyle knows that most children are not so fortunate.  He knows this because he has served on boards and practiced law in various capacities to protect the interests of underprivileged children. Through those experiences, Kyle realized that a fundamental need was being overlooked – a child’s need to read.